Local Pension Board

The Local Pension Board for the City of London Corporation Pensions Scheme

The board must have an equal number of employer representatives and scheme member representatives. .

Scheme member and employer representatives are appointed to the board for a term of four years.  The members of the board as at, October 2020 are as follows:

Employer representatives

John Averns

James Tumbridge (Chairman)

Mark Wheatley

Scheme member representatives

Yvette Dunne

Christina McClellan

Martin Newnham (Deputy Chairman)

Board members can seek reappointment at the end of their term.  Where a vacancy becomes available, and if you were interested in being considered as a scheme member representative, these would be advertised accordingly, and a recruitment process would follow. 

Board Secretary contact details:  Board Members can be contacted via the Committee Clerk, Chris Rumbles ([email protected]; 0207 332 1405; Town Clerk’s Department, Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ)

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